Being ignored

I saw a commercial on MTV for their show, Rob & Big. I've never seen the show and don't know what it's about. But this dialogue from the commercial caught my attention:
He's ignoring you right now. I've never seen a dog ignore someone.
What, he's like a child.
A dog that ignores somebody. Man, what an incredible animal.
Obviously, they have never met a Shiba. Loki ignores us all the time! He even ignores us when we come home. Everyday when Yun comes home from work, he says, "Where's my little greeter?" And if Yun is lucky, Loki will lift his head from the couch and at least acknowledge Yun's presence. Only on very rare and special occasions will Loki actually greet us at the door.

The only time Loki showers us with his attention is when food is involved. If I'm preparing dinner, Loki is sure to keep me company. If we are eating dinner, he's sure to be lying under the table. If we're snacking on the couch, he's sure to put on his cutest act. And if it's his meal time, he obeys all of his commands.

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shiba1 said...

At least for Yoshii and Kara, the amount of ignoring is directly proportional to the angrier you get that they aren't listening to you.

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