Keep away

At home Loki will play fetch, but at the dog park, Loki doesn't. He'll chase after the ball, but not retrieve it. This means I end up fetching the ball and tossing it again. As if that wasn't bad enough, Loki played "keep away" with me today! As I reached over to pick up the ball, he would quickly snatch it away and then drop it a mere two feet away from me. Repeat a few times.

Hm... not a fun game.

Smart or Naughty?

One night I heard Loki gnawing on something in the bedroom. Yun and I both figured it was his rawhide. Then I heard Loki drinking. Huh? What's going on? I climbed out of bed to investigate. Loki had gnawed the top of a water bottle off, the water had spilled out and he was lapping it up.

Well, if he was thirsty, he sure is resourceful!

Loki the Klutz

Loki is a total klutz. Oftentimes, he'll heel nicely right next to me as we walk, but he'll look to the side or behind.

Well today, Loki's focus was on a barking dog in a car. His head was turned completely to the side, but his little feet continued to keep pace with me.

Then I yelled, "Loki!" to get his attention. Like usual, he ignored me. And then he walked right smack dab into a square column. Bam!

Silly dog.

Harness Success

I'm happy to report that Loki accepted having the harness put on him during this morning's training session without any resistance, running away, or any other signs of distress. I used my previous method of slow behavior modification with positive reinforcement. This time was much slower though. I think it took well over a week.

Smiles from me!

Loki ate my test page

I sold my old printer on Craigslist today. I wanted to bring proof that the printer was working by printing a test page. The standard Windows test page shows the date and time of the print and the name of the printer. After I printed my test page, I proceeded to box up the printer. With the printer sealed in its original box, I just needed to grab the test page and I was ready to meet the buyer. ...

Oh no! Loki ate a hole right in the middle of my test page.

Sigh! Too late for a new test page. I gave the buyer the half eaten one.

Snapshots of our daily walk

Almost everyday, I take Loki to a park that is adjacent to a local elementary school. I found this place only a few weeks ago.

It allows him to get used to the noisy children when they come out for recess. This picture was taken right before recess. The kids came out about 10 minutes later. I felt too weird taking photos of random children at school and then posting the pictures online, so this is why the playground is empty.

During our walk, we have to walk across busy intersections. Loki is very good about sitting and staying while we wait for our turn to cross. He doesn't automatically sit, but he listens to my command. He stays the whole time. What a good pup!

Grocery Inspector

Aside from his many jobs as guard dog, small children alarm, and bed warmer, Loki is also our official grocery inspector. He must approve of all of our food shopping purchases.

This week, there weren't enough meat purchases, but he'll let us pass inspection because there's a carrot for him.

Dog returned

Yay! I'm happy to report that the lost Chihuahua's owner called me today and he will be reunited with his mommy soon enough.

Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day plans were put a bit off track today because I found a stray dog. He had no collar and no tags. He was a light beige colored Chihuahua, that seemed more or less terrified of Loki.

At first I walked around my apartment complex trying to find its owner, to see if there was anyone walking around looking for their dog. That didn't work. Then I posted up some signs. And lastly, I turned it in to the animal shelter. He was very friendly, easily handled, and I think that he should be easily adoptable in case his owners never claim him.

During the time that I had the stray dog in my apartment, Loki was super duper excited. He ran around like crazy and seemed to be frozen in a perpetual play bow. I think if we ever wanted to add another dog to our home, Loki won't have any territorial issues. Unfortunately, the stray didn't want to play and was just plain scared.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that Loki would really enjoy having a playmate. Hrm... but more work for me.


Here is Loki enjoying one of his favorite pastimes -- unstuffing his stuffed toys. The lifespan of his toys is becoming shorter and shorter.

Westminster Dog Show

I clipped this picture from the NY Times without permission. I think it's the funniest photo ever! Men in business suits waiting for their show dogs to go potty on fake, plastic fire hydrants in the basement of Hotel Pennsylvania.

Photo: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

For the full set of the NY Times slide show on the Westminster Dog Show, click here.

Negative Associations

Sometimes I wonder if instead of creating a positive association with the harness, I'm actually creating a negative association with food & treats. I feel like Loki's knows something bad is going to happen when the really yummy treats come out.


I am generally an anxious person. I worry.

Today, I tried something new while walking Loki. I walked at a very steady pace and concentrated on my breathing. Breathe in through the nose for 4 steps and breathe out from the mouth for 8 steps. As my heart rate increased, it was more and more difficult to keep breathing out for the entire 8 steps. Sometimes I faltered and needed to catch my breath, but I kept trying to maintain the exercise as best as I could it for the entire duration of the 45 minute walk. It's not that easy to maintain.

After about maybe 25 minutes of concentrating on breathing steadily, I noticed that I was walking very steadily and had actually achieved a sense of focus and calm. What surprised me was that it did take a long time to achieve this sense of calm. Twenty-five minutes is a long time! Before, when I have tried to calm myself down with breathing techniques, I would only stick with it for maybe a couple minutes at the most. I don't think there are many people who can sit still and do nothing, but meditate. Walking the dog is an excellent time to meditate and I'll be sure to continue doing so.


Unfortunately, Loki has completely regressed in his acceptance of the harness. He reverted back to being aggressive when we try to put the harness on him. It just goes to show that you cannot use positive reinforcement as a one time training session without follow up. We were using the harness at the rate of once a week. But with each passing week, he was regressing further and further. Then he was at his worst when we were trying to strap him into the car for Chinese New Years. Alas, I will have to begin a new time intensive training session once again.

Happy Chinese New Year!

We all went to my aunt's for Chinese New Years last night. Loki finally got used to walking on the hardwood floor. Yay for that!


Here's a funny looking picture of him.

Look at the yummy food! Too bad the Loki didn't get any. He had his same old, same old dog food. Actually, he stuck by the dinner table all night and didn't eat his own food at all. I guess he was hoping we'd drop some scraps. He only ate his dog food after putting both him and his food outside in the backyard.
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