Update on scuffles

It's now been about two months since introducing Jujube into our home. We have only had one more fight. I think that brings the total to six scuffles. The lack of posts on fights was not because I stopped reporting them. It's because we've been at peace. Yay!

Our most recent fight was over rawhide. We think it must have been the case that the pieces were too unequal, so one finished before the other. No one was there when the fight started, so we're not exactly sure what happened. Prior to that fight, we had peace with rawhide times. And afterwards, we've also had peace with rawhide times.

The reason I want to emphasize the fact that we've been at peace is because I recently learned that at least one of my readers thought that I just stopped reporting the fights.

The Water in the Blue Bowl is Better

For some odd reason, the blue bowl is the preferred water bowl. I don't know why. The pink bowls were purchased for Jujube. The tan and blue bowls are Loki's.

Every meal time, Jujube eats out of one of the pink bowls; Loki eats out of the tan bowl. After finishing his food, Loki drinks out of the blue bowl. Jujube goes away; she does not drink the water that is in the pink bowl. Instead, she waits until after Loki is done drinking, and then proceeds to drink out of the blue bowl. Here's a picture of her drinking out of the blue bowl.

Why is the water in the blue bowl better?

Looking out at us from the window

How cute is that? Loki and Jujube looking out at us from the window as we leave.

Meal times

Here's a clip of what meal times at our home are like.

Update on Jujube's Separation Anxiety

A while back, I wrote about Jujube's separation anxiety. Since both Yun and I work full-time, we didn't have the luxury of implementing a slow desensitization problem for her. But I think despite that, she might have gotten used to our routine. And maybe her case isn't too bad. We haven't seen any signs of major destruction (I only lost a pair of house slippers and some underwear, which isn't too out of the ordinary for dog owners), and we haven't seen any signs of accidents in our absence either.

What appears to be helping her separation anxiety is Snoopy:

Everyday when we come home from work, she greets us with Snoopy in her mouth. Because this seems to be the only time she clutches onto her toy, we guess that the toy helps her.

It's super cute! She clutches the toy in her mouth, her ears flap up and down, and her tail wags to and fro.


Yeah, I know I'm a bit slow in posting this. This picture was from last week. I can't believe that it was snowing just last week and now it feels like spring. Today's temperature was in the 60s!

Jujube loved the snow. She pranced around in it. Loki was much more skeptical of the white stuff.


Here in this picture you can see Loki up at the top of the stairs being the gatekeeper. He doesn't let Jujube pass, so she just sits on the steps. Poor Jujube.

I let them be. I feel sorry for Jujube, but I don't interfere. Loki's being dominant and territorial, so that could be a bad thing. But they have to find a peaceful equilibrium among themselves, because we're not always home. And they are at peace here, even if Jujube doesn't get to pass him.

He's not dominant or territorial with us, and lets her pass if we make him move. What do you think? A behavior to correct or just let it be?
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