Here in this picture you can see Loki up at the top of the stairs being the gatekeeper. He doesn't let Jujube pass, so she just sits on the steps. Poor Jujube.

I let them be. I feel sorry for Jujube, but I don't interfere. Loki's being dominant and territorial, so that could be a bad thing. But they have to find a peaceful equilibrium among themselves, because we're not always home. And they are at peace here, even if Jujube doesn't get to pass him.

He's not dominant or territorial with us, and lets her pass if we make him move. What do you think? A behavior to correct or just let it be?


Jen said...

I think its totally up to you. Ultimately, you have to find a balance, as they do, for a peaceful existence among the 4(?) of you.
Personally, I found that adult shibas take a while to figure stuff out between them - my two still run into 'roadblocks' and they've been together for over a year now. I let them go, let them sort it out, because its never drawn blood and tensions never run very high. My shibas have a pretty high tolerance for one another, and I rely on that knowledge when I leave them unattended (this took months, though!). In our home, if they start to snark, I let it go until I can FEEL the tension thicken, then I break their attention and redirect. I try not to interfere beyond that, because they are adults and they can sort it out in a language I might never be able to fully comprehend.

So, its totally your call. Jujube might be just fine with the arrangement, and over time Loki might give in. He might think its a super fun game and keep it up, and she might be able to 'overcome' once they are an established pair. It hasn't been that long, right?
But as long as everyone is safe, and you are comfortable with their interactions, then perhaps it best to let them figure it out.

Good luck! Never a dull moment with shibas!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

My name is Nick and I'm looking for some information. I am very interested in getting a shiba inu but I can't seem to find answers for two questions so I am trying this - hope I don't waste anyone's time...sorry in advance if I did.

1) Should I get a male or a female? I have heard that the males are friendlier and that the females are more aloof. I am looking for a dog that likes to play...licks your face...that kind of thing.

2) Whenever we go to the pet store the shibas seem to care less if you are there - other dogs come right up...shibas don't. I'm not looking for a lap dog but I'm also not looking for a cat if you know what I mean. So my question is am I looking at the wrong type of dog?

Thank you for your help...I just don't want to not do my homework and make a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick-

Shibas are fun and just a tad independent. The personalities vary among dogs.

What pet stores do you see the Shibas in? If you are talking about Shiba puppies in small cages you are talking about puppy mill puppies. Please do not buy a puppy mill puppy--as much as you may want to-- this is generally not a good choice.

Don't know where you live, but you may want to check out the National Shiba Rescue website. This is a good way to find a Shiba.Since these are generally older Shibas, there are usually accompanying profiles of the dogs. The profiles give you an idea of what to expect with the dog.

The National Shiba Inu Club website has a list of Shiba breeders. You may want to contact a breeder in your area.

Also, another way to find a Shiba is to join a Shiba Meetup in your area. Seach "____(city) Shiba Inu Meetup" on the web. I'm the organizer for a Shiba Meetup. We've had people join the Meetup specifically to learn about Shibas. It's a great idea and allows you to network with local Shiba owners.

As to gender, I think it's a toss-up. Sometimes male Shibas, like other male dogs, tend to lift leg and mark things. Sometimes the females can be a bit "bitchy", but not always. I have a female Shiba who is so mellow that she's an unofficial therapy dog.

Good luck in your search. If you can, link up with a Shiba Meetup.

Sukoshi's mom

Xarien said...

The short answer is that you don't sound like you actually want a Shiba; Shibas are very cat-like.

Shibas will play with you, but only on their own time. Actually, that applies to everything they do save eating. They'll eat anytime!

I'd highly recommend doing some thorough investigation of the breed before jumping in.

Cheree said...

Hi Nick,

We got our shiba about 7 months ago and and found him to be not really "cuddley" or much of a licker. I think male or female, you would not find that in the Shiba Breed. I do have to admit my husband was a little disappointed because he wanted the buddy-buddy "licker" kind of dog too. However, this is the wrong breed for that. However, I have read that after a year or so, they can become more affectionate, but I stil would not hold my breath.

I love the temperment of my dog, I would definltly describe him as more cat like, and I like that he is more independet. Sounds like to me you might need to research a diffrent breed. You could try a King-Charels Spaniel. Small and Cuddle is their middle name! :-)

shirokuma said...

it's very endearing that he's made himself a job as the "stair master" LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL. I think you should just enjoy their doggie antics. I think they are such a comical pair. You shouldn't worry about them too much. After all they're dogs(and very funny ones). There are much worse behaving humans, who use PI's, lawyers, and even (corrupt) cops to "blockbust" their neighbor.

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