Update on scuffles

It's now been about two months since introducing Jujube into our home. We have only had one more fight. I think that brings the total to six scuffles. The lack of posts on fights was not because I stopped reporting them. It's because we've been at peace. Yay!

Our most recent fight was over rawhide. We think it must have been the case that the pieces were too unequal, so one finished before the other. No one was there when the fight started, so we're not exactly sure what happened. Prior to that fight, we had peace with rawhide times. And afterwards, we've also had peace with rawhide times.

The reason I want to emphasize the fact that we've been at peace is because I recently learned that at least one of my readers thought that I just stopped reporting the fights.


Anonymous said...

No no, you can't make us the judge on these fights. Since Loki is the original "Misadventures Shiba", I'm partial to him. On the other hand, Juju is so cute and I'm partial to her also. So bottom line?....well more raw hides for both? One thing though, Loki shouldn't feel left out because the new sister came.

Have you read Cortez of "I'm the Shiba" blog? Cortez wants to make sure "The Woman" remains HIS and his new cute sister will belong to "That guy". Good idea? lol.

- Miki

Vi said...

Oh, I guess I neglected to say that the reason for unequal rawhide sizes wasn't because we were partial. One of them always eats faster than the other. So we were trying out giving them rawhides in sizes such that they would finish at the same time. I guess it works out better with equal at starting times rather than finishing at the same time.

But that's only one possible explanation. Another could be that Loki didn't want to eat his rawhide right away and attempted to bury it, and perhaps she decided rawhide left uneaten is fair game.

Miki -- Yes, I love Cortez's blog. The writing is always so funny.

Anonymous said...

My shiba always wanted to hide the raw hide instead of eating it right away also(althogh she was the only dog). So she's look for the perfect hiding place for hours....and it was hard for her to find a place becasue we're minimalistic household. We have big furnutures and not much small stuff lying around where she can hide stuff behind. so she'd hide her "treasure" behind the washing machine, under the couch ruffles, or behind planters etc (but never inside her crate, I don't know why). It was funny to see her walking around with her rawhide in mouth trying to find perfect place.

Always enjoy your blog.
- Miki

Jen said...

I'm glad to hear about the peaceable kingdom!

We still get snarks during bone time, our female likes to create an inventory, while our male eats most of it very fast. Once he's about to pay less attention to the bone, our female will go in for the steal and garble and growl until its hers.

Then the bones go away. And she always goes in for a nibble of his snout as a "thanks a lot, jerk" move.

Shibas are fun.

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