Fabric Sweeper Recommended!

I was tempted to try the Pledge Fabric Sweeper after reading about it on The Consumerist. So I bought it from Target and tried it out on my couch. Wow! It works! It does a really good job at picking up all the dog hair. I'm now no longer hesitant about inviting guests to sit on the couch, no longer worried about them getting dog hair all over their clothes, no longer embarrassed when they do. I absolutely recommend it to all pet owners. It's so much easier to use than a vacuum and does just as good of a job, if not better!

The packaging says that it's "disposable", but don't let that deter you from using it multiple times. Even after you fill up the clear plastic casing with fur, you can easily remove the roll(s) to empty our the clear plastic casing. Then pop the roll(s) back in and you're ready to tackle the next couch.

Don't get too ambitious and try using it on carpet. It won't work. Yes, I tried it. The carpet overwhelmed with dog hair won that battle. It wasn't even a battle. Just a massacre. Use a vacuum.

My only complaint about this product is that it is kind of hard to hold. Maybe I'll try wearing latex gloves next time for a better grip.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this glowing review.

Eating Dog Hair

With two shedding dogs, our entire house is covered in dog hair. Dog hair gets on pretty much everything. All the furniture, all surfaces, often times food, all of your clothes, and all of your clothes even after they come out of the washer and dryer. And yet, when Baby was a newborn, I strove to keep him free of dog hair. I would put down clean sheets or clean towels for the baby to play on. I kept his clothes free of dog hair. I kept his cloth diapers free of dog hair. And I kept his crib free of dog hair.

But Baby is no longer a newborn. He's over six months old now. And well, it's hard keep a six month old free of dog hair. Actually, I think he's already eaten some dog hair. He loves to explore his world with his mouth. So, I've resigned to the fact that I can no longer keep Baby free of dog hair. And as long as his digestive tract can manage solid foods, I guess (and hope) that the dog hair won't do any damage.

Our first dog-baby incident

Tonight, we unfortunately had our first dog-baby incident. Baby was napping in our bed. I was in the bathroom washing my face. Then all of a sudden I heard the dogs barge into the room. They were playing with each other and doing their Shiba 500. Before I could do anything, Juju jumped on the bed and trampled all over Baby, who immediately started wailing. I was so mad at Juju! I was yelling at her as I picked up Baby and tried to comfort him. I didn't even want to feed her dinner I was so mad. Yun had to feed the dogs dinner.

It's exactly for this reason that I didn't want to co-sleep with Baby. He is always put in his crib to sleep for the night, but from time to time, we sometimes put him on our bed for naps. I guess we just let our guard down with the dogs. We're lucky that Juju is only a 20 pound dog. As worried as I was, it doesn't seem like there was much damage. He cried only for a few minutes and then calmed down. His skin was a little red in the places that she trampled on, but other than that, he was fine. In fact, after about half an hour or so, there was no more redness at all.

I know that she didn't mean any harm. She was just playing. But I'm still angry that she would just trample over Baby. She just doesn't care that there is a person in her way. I guess we learned our lesson. From now on, if he's in our bed, then the bedroom door must be closed. Otherwise, he goes in his crib.

Loki talking

From time to time, Loki likes to join in when we talk to our baby. Here's a clip of Yun babbling to our baby. Loki's feeling very left out. He wants to join in the fun too!

More intense begging!

It's begun! We started our baby on solid foods this week. And even though it's just boring rice cereal, the pups are very excited. They both put on their best begging looks.

Loki's best begging look is a square sit with a proud chest.

Juju is lying down waiting for the food to drop from above, while Loki watches her to make sure she doesn't get anything that he didn't get.
 Feeding a baby solid foods is a messy process. Luckily we have automatic floor cleaners.

Squeakers are not edible!

Why does Juju always try to eat the squeaker after she disembowels her toys? It's not edible! Stupid dog...

Dogs and their families

Sometimes dogs are partial to one particular person in a family. And you can't always predict which dog will be best matched up to what person in the family. This is why I think it's bad to get a dog for a child. What happens if the dog develops a closer relationship to someone else in the family?

In our family, I think we both have pretty good relationships with both of our dogs. And although we always treat them fairly, we each have our own special bonds. As for me, I think I've grown very fond of Jujube and appreciate her company very much. She's definitely not always an angel, but I love the companionship she provides when she does... you know... on her terms, of course. On the other hand (or paw), Yun has a deeper bond with Loki. He sees Loki as our "first-born" (not that either one of us bore him), and that gives Loki a special place in Yun's heart.

I wonder how our baby's relationship with our dogs will develop. Will he develop a special bond with one of them?

For those of you with multiple dogs, do you see special bonds between certain dogs and certain family members?

Baby petting Jujube

Baby is about 6 months now. Yesterday was the first time he pet a dog. We had him on our bed when Jujube jumped on as well. He was aware of her and went to pet her. Too cute!
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