Dogs and their families

Sometimes dogs are partial to one particular person in a family. And you can't always predict which dog will be best matched up to what person in the family. This is why I think it's bad to get a dog for a child. What happens if the dog develops a closer relationship to someone else in the family?

In our family, I think we both have pretty good relationships with both of our dogs. And although we always treat them fairly, we each have our own special bonds. As for me, I think I've grown very fond of Jujube and appreciate her company very much. She's definitely not always an angel, but I love the companionship she provides when she does... you know... on her terms, of course. On the other hand (or paw), Yun has a deeper bond with Loki. He sees Loki as our "first-born" (not that either one of us bore him), and that gives Loki a special place in Yun's heart.

I wonder how our baby's relationship with our dogs will develop. Will he develop a special bond with one of them?

For those of you with multiple dogs, do you see special bonds between certain dogs and certain family members?


Judy Whitton said...

That is a very interesting question! Of our previous dogs, I really can't remember them liking one particular person over the other. My daughter was very attached to our yellow lab Bailey. They were only 5 days apart in age and grew up together since they were 2. She was devastated when we had to put him to sleep.

Now with the Shibas, Sami and Miko, that has been different. Originally we were only going to get one. I was favoring the black and tan and my daughter was favoring the cream. So, it was going to be a tough decision when it came time to bring one home. Then at almost the last minute, we got to have both of them...problem solved! But the really interesting thing is, Sami, who was supposed to be my daughters dog, favored me the most and Miko who was supposed to be my dog favored her the most. LOL But, I guess it really doesn't matter as I love both of them very much and I have enjoyed these two more then any other dog I have ever had. In fact, I have a hard time calling them dogs. LOL I call them my girls. Anyways, my daughter just recently moved far away and of course taking Miko was out of the question. These 2 are very bonded and would miss each other, so I have them both.

Of course, I think they would both go in a heartbeat with my daughter's Dad. I still can't understand what they like about him. They go absolutely nuts when he comes over to see them. And here all this time I though dogs were a good judge of character. LOL

Kim said...

I really did not want a dog at all, but my fiance kept begging and begging for a Shiba and after 3 months of begging I finally caved. We brought home our Shiba this past March, and lo and behold, she becomes attached to me!!!! She follows me everywhere, usually comes when I call her, and will freely sleep on me when I relax on the couch. It was just the past couple of weeks that she has started to occasionally come when he calls and for the first time slept against his leg yesterday. I sometimes wish I could read their little minds. :)

Vi said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

Mika said...

Even with one dog, I can say, Mika has bonded with me.. a lot. So much that if I'm gone for a long period of time, he gets anxious. =( I wasn't sure it was me until I took him on vacation with me and he did not act nervous at all. He was fine and dandy. Then I took him home and I had to be away from home for over a week and his shakes came back, but disappeared when I came home. W was calling me concerned about Mika. He even took Mika to the vet to run a battery of tests which came out normal.

I didn't think it was me at first, I thought, maybe because we had boxes moving in and out of the house and people moving in and out he was unsure of what was going to happen. It wasn't until I took him on vacation with me and brought him back to a calm house and he still shook when I wasn't home that I realized, he is really attached to me.

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