Fabric Sweeper Recommended!

I was tempted to try the Pledge Fabric Sweeper after reading about it on The Consumerist. So I bought it from Target and tried it out on my couch. Wow! It works! It does a really good job at picking up all the dog hair. I'm now no longer hesitant about inviting guests to sit on the couch, no longer worried about them getting dog hair all over their clothes, no longer embarrassed when they do. I absolutely recommend it to all pet owners. It's so much easier to use than a vacuum and does just as good of a job, if not better!

The packaging says that it's "disposable", but don't let that deter you from using it multiple times. Even after you fill up the clear plastic casing with fur, you can easily remove the roll(s) to empty our the clear plastic casing. Then pop the roll(s) back in and you're ready to tackle the next couch.

Don't get too ambitious and try using it on carpet. It won't work. Yes, I tried it. The carpet overwhelmed with dog hair won that battle. It wasn't even a battle. Just a massacre. Use a vacuum.

My only complaint about this product is that it is kind of hard to hold. Maybe I'll try wearing latex gloves next time for a better grip.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this glowing review.


ting said...

I know! Isn't it great?! I agree with you on the awkward gripping too.

Judy Whitton said...

I have been using these since they came out. My problem is cat hair on my bed, that is where they hang out. I also like to fold my clothes on the bed, so I just use one of these on my bed before I fold the clothes.

Instead of removing the rollers, I just use the crevice tool on my sweeper to suck the hair out. I will tell you though, that eventually they do wear out and you have to buy another one. I think I'm on my second one now and will probably have to get another one soon.

Anonymous said...

Love these! I agree with the grip problem, they are thin and slide easily. I do get satisfaction out of seeing all of the fur collected in the plastic container. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something!!

Anonymous said...

Great tip Vi! I need to pick one of those up.

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