Loki and tonight's thunderstorm

Tonight we had a little thunderstorm. It wasn't even that big or long. But Loki was a wreck. He desperately whined and pawed at the baby gate at the top of the stairs. So, I opened it and let him up. I thought maybe he wanted to be near me. He went straight into his crate. I thought it was because he felt safer in his crate. Then he proceeded to empty his entire bladder in his crate. Loki's always been so good about potty training. He's just progressively getting worse with thunderstorms.

Of all places...

Dear Juju,
Of all places to pee this morning, did it have to be in our bed?

And of all places to poop this morning, did it have to be on Baby's play mat? (Well, it could've been Loki, but I know it was Juju who peed on the bed, so she's bearing the brunt of my frustration this morning.)

Baby's play mat, washed, and put out to dry.


Loki has gotten progressively worse with thunderstorms. The first time wasn't too bad. The second time (which I erroneously thought was the first time again) also wasn't too bad. But it's been thunderstorming here for the past week or so. Loki is not happy about that. It's near impossible to get him outside to pee. He barks up a storm, waking Baby up. I thought that more frequent exposure would desensitize him, not stress him out more. Ugh! What a pain!

Going to the vet

Today, we went to the vet. Loki was due for his rabies vaccine. And, I had been negligent about giving them heartworm prevention medication, so, I had to have them both tested again. From what I've read, if a dog does indeed have heartworm, it is very dangerous to give that dog the heartworm preventative medication. So you should make sure that your dog doesn't have heartworm before giving the preventative meds.

Here the pups are getting attention from the vet tech before going into the exam room. Loki is totally soaking up the attention. Juju's thinking, "What are you so happy about?"

Here's Loki in the exam room. He's oblivious to the horrors coming to him.

A treat box on the exam table.

Here's a funny picture of Juju.

Here's Juju being examined by the vet. Doesn't look too pleased, but she's very well behaved.

And Loki being examined by the vet. The opposite of Juju in temperament, he's not so well-behaved.

And those were our adventures at the vet!

Baby Gates

Poor pups. Baby gates means that they no longer have full freedom of the house. If we're not paying attention, then the pups get trapped on the stairs. But Loki doesn't mind, does he? He likes to lounge on the stairs. And will only complain if he's missing out on food or treats.

I tried opening the gate for him. But he didn't care. He didn't budge. He makes it seem like, he's not trapped. He freely chose to lounge right there.
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