As if the entire moving experience wasn't bad enough, we had a thunderstorm the night after the packers packed up our stuff and before the movers came.

Thunderstorms are so rare in Southern California that earthquakes are more common.** Luckily, Loki didn't seem to be much bothered by it. He came out of his crate and stared at the window for the thunderstorm, just watching the storm. What a good pup!

** Disclaimer: Not a scientific fact. Don't quote me.


Chibi And Sumo said...

*knocks on wood*....for the most part, both chibi and sumo have ignored thunderstorms (and 4th of july fireworks)....from northern california -- which has a larger proabability of thunder :)

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

ahhh furball still freaks out when she hear the rumbles....loki a good one!

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