Holding it

Most dog owners have the problem of their dogs peeing and pooping in all the wrong places, especially when visiting new places. I get the opposite problem. Loki just won't go.

At first I thought it was wonderful that my aunt & uncle had a very well-fenced backyard. We could leave Loki there and not worry about taking him out to poop or pee. That's the great benefit of having a yard! Unfortunately, Loki mostly refused to poop or pee in my aunt & uncle's backyard; he just held it in. Once, he claimed ownership of the land, he didn't want to mess it up. He didn't even want to pee in the front yard! He gladly peed in all of the neighbors' yards. Pooping was another story. He just held it in for over a day, until we came across an acceptable pooping spot far, far away.


Bobby said...

Longtime reader, first-time commenter.

I stumbled upon your blog and am the proud poppa of a six year-old shiba, Yumi. I also have moved my baby across the country with hilarious/disastrous results.

BUT, on topic, I find the same problem when I take Yumi to new places. She'd rather not go at all than go somewhere she's not comfortable. She'll even second-guess longtime favorite spots if something changes (a new dog has used it, the grass has been recently cut, etc.). I attribute it to shibas' characteristic intelligence and sensitivity.

Not sure exactly why they do it, but I'm sure they have a very, very good reason.

Anonymous said...

wow I have the same prob.

The Shiba said...

My record is holding my pee for two days and I have refused to poo for up to four.

And, as noted in my blog, I won't poo in my own yard. That is just "crude."

When I go, everything must be in perfection. The landscape. The lighting. The stars must be properly aligned. Any change to my normal spots is unacceptable.

Everything needs to be as it should be.

A&S said...

yep. that's how akira is. shiro will poop anywhere tho. lol

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