Calling for Local Recommendations

Hi! Are you from the Northern Virginia area?

We are looking for recommendations for a good vet, dog walker, and also boarding location. Most importantly, we need a vet and dog walker. (Or, if you had a bad experience, let us know who to stay away from as well.)



Alexander said...

Hey there - we just moved to N.VA in feb. We actually just picked up our 8 week pup yesterday, so we're quite new to all this! Stay in touch about breeders, etc.. since we are looking too. I do know that there is a northern va shiba meetup group though, but havent been there. take care!

Maureen said...

Hi Loki,
I have a friend with a corgi that lives in northern VA. He takes his pup to Woodbridge Animal Hospital. He says even one of the presidents took his dog there. Here is the link:

Hope it is helpful.

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