Moving Across Country (Part 4) - It's Packing Day

We are very fortunate to have a company pay for professional packers & movers. I imagine that this must be much more stressful for a dog than if we moved ourselves. This morning, Loki's exercise pen got reduced to half it's normal size & he was locked up. He's still locked in there as I type. Good thing I put him in there before the packers came. He growled at them. I've actually never heard him growl before.

He settled down soon enough. I just told everyone to ignore him. Still, I'm sure that he's feeling stressed out with all the chaos around him.

It's super difficult to implement Cesar Millan's suggestion of taking him for a loooooooong walk. Unfortunately, I have a zillion other things to take care of and exercising Loki gets pushed down the priority list.


Chibi And Sumo said...

so i'd like to think shiba inu's are smarter than the normal dog. but when i put sumo/chibi in their exercise pens, they havent figured out that they can clear the top of the thing with one jump (considering they jump higher than that to get on/over/around recliners, couches, etc.) :)

Masako said...

Ah... Loki seems to be such a good boy. Patiently waiting for all the madness to end soon. :)

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