Moving your stuff across country takes a considerably longer time than local moves. The movers estimate 1.5 - 2 weeks. This means the only things we have are in suitcases (mind you, these are the heaviest suitcases I've ever packed). No bed, no table, no fridge, nothing.

We stayed at my aunt & uncle's home for a few days. For sure, Loki thought, this must our new home. And boy was he happy about it. We certainly got his stamp of approval. As soon as he walked in, he decided that he owned the place. Seriously, owned it.

He barked at my aunt & uncle as if they were intruders on his territory. We might hold alpha status over him (by a small margin), but everyone else is beneath him.

Loki loved the residential upgrade, and especially loved the stairs. They are carpeted, so he raced up and down them as fast as he possibly could until the very last step, on which he very gingerly placed his paws, because of the hardwood floor.


Janet said...

ahhhh, shiba heaven! Carpeted stairs!

Masako said...

Looks like he's adapted to the furniture there too! :)

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