Last night, I noticed that Loki had a small spot of blood on his face in between his eyes. I asked Yun, did Loki and Juju get into a fight? I didn't remember hearing any screaming. Yun also replied in the negative. And why would he be bleeding on his face between the eyes if he got into a fight with Juju? It's such a weird spot.

So what happened to Loki?

This morning I found my answer in the form of a dead mouse in our backyard. EWWW! Gross! Yucky! Waaa! Yun doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be the one removing that thing.

Actually, Yun informs me that it was a chipmunk. Poor little guy.

Juju ate a spoon

Um... that used to be a spoon. Really! Baby threw it on the ground after dinner, and I neglected to pick it up right away. By the time I found it again, the head of the spoon was gone. Uh-oh... At least it's BPA free.
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