Loki has gotten progressively worse with thunderstorms. The first time wasn't too bad. The second time (which I erroneously thought was the first time again) also wasn't too bad. But it's been thunderstorming here for the past week or so. Loki is not happy about that. It's near impossible to get him outside to pee. He barks up a storm, waking Baby up. I thought that more frequent exposure would desensitize him, not stress him out more. Ugh! What a pain!


jen said...

kiba is really bad with thunderstorms, I had no idea what t-storm anxiety could be until I saw Kiba react.

Low Dose melatonin + squeezing him between me and the couch seems to work.

DogNewbie said...

I heard good things about thundershirt from some dog owners that it may be worth checking out.

I live in an area that does not have too much thunderstorms to see how my 2 Shibas react.

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