Unfortunately, Loki has completely regressed in his acceptance of the harness. He reverted back to being aggressive when we try to put the harness on him. It just goes to show that you cannot use positive reinforcement as a one time training session without follow up. We were using the harness at the rate of once a week. But with each passing week, he was regressing further and further. Then he was at his worst when we were trying to strap him into the car for Chinese New Years. Alas, I will have to begin a new time intensive training session once again.


Darcey said...

It's always interesting reading your posts, and comparing your shiba to ours (they're around the same age). I'm not entirely sure what we did with the harness--we've been using it since day 1 with him, and we haven't got problems.

Maybe if you put the harness on and just let him walk around the house in it, and do the praising with treats and toys and loving?

Vi said...

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, our problem is too severe. Loki won't let us even go near him with the harness without running away. If we catch him and have the harness in hand, then he's ready to fight with teeth bared. For whatever reason, he simply hates the harness.

Chibi And Sumo said...

our 2 pups have been different when it comes to the harness

chibi (the first one), had the harness on from day 1. it was what we had to use when we took her out for walks (as the collars would just pop right off). she wasnt a huge fan putting it on initially, but repitition helped.

sumo (the 2nd pup), doesnt like it at all. we have to pretty much wrestle him into it (which is easy when he's 5 pounds now). once he has it on, he rubs against everything, and rolls all over to try to get it off. the only way we've found to get him to accept it and stop fussing so much, is to go through the dominant exercise and correct him (for as long as it takes, and as many times as it takes), everytime he does start to fuss. he finally submits to it, then gets his treat(s).

dont know how much help it will be when loki is full sized now.

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