Snapshots of our daily walk

Almost everyday, I take Loki to a park that is adjacent to a local elementary school. I found this place only a few weeks ago.

It allows him to get used to the noisy children when they come out for recess. This picture was taken right before recess. The kids came out about 10 minutes later. I felt too weird taking photos of random children at school and then posting the pictures online, so this is why the playground is empty.

During our walk, we have to walk across busy intersections. Loki is very good about sitting and staying while we wait for our turn to cross. He doesn't automatically sit, but he listens to my command. He stays the whole time. What a good pup!

1 comment:

Winnie said...

What a great idea to get him used to kids! He looks like he's enjoying himself on his walk, too.

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