Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day plans were put a bit off track today because I found a stray dog. He had no collar and no tags. He was a light beige colored Chihuahua, that seemed more or less terrified of Loki.

At first I walked around my apartment complex trying to find its owner, to see if there was anyone walking around looking for their dog. That didn't work. Then I posted up some signs. And lastly, I turned it in to the animal shelter. He was very friendly, easily handled, and I think that he should be easily adoptable in case his owners never claim him.

During the time that I had the stray dog in my apartment, Loki was super duper excited. He ran around like crazy and seemed to be frozen in a perpetual play bow. I think if we ever wanted to add another dog to our home, Loki won't have any territorial issues. Unfortunately, the stray didn't want to play and was just plain scared.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that Loki would really enjoy having a playmate. Hrm... but more work for me.

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Chibi And Sumo said...

do it! 2 shiba's are always more fun than 1...and luckily, you have all the blog posts to remember EXACTLY what it was like raising the first, so you'll know what you're in for :) we had forgotten (selectively perhaps), how much "fun" the puppy stage can be sometimes

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