On Saturday my family and I went for lunch in Ventura, CA. Since Loki was with us, we needed to find a restaurant with outdoor dining and allowed dogs. We went to Tutti's Off Main. I've been there before for dinner and their food is excellent. This time I was very surprised that the server even brought Loki water. I've never encountered such pet friendly service at a restaurant before. How cute is that water bowl!

After lunch we took a stroll on the beach. Loki was very excited. He loves running towards and away from the ocean water as it drifts in and out.
Yesterday, we went hiking in Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura.

Lazy dog. Lying down in the middle of the hike.

We couldn't find a doggie water fountain & I forgot to bring a bowl. So I put him up on a human water fountain. So cute!


KAY said...

I wish there are more pet friendly restaurant. But glad you found one.

Winnie said...

We found a great one in San Diego when we went to a meetup with Keeks and Yoshi.

If you guys ever go down there, it's in Solana Beach - and it's called Pacific Coast Grill. The food is excellent and they're very dog friendly too.

In fact, while we were there, a Great Dane and a Sib Husky showed up! :)

Chibi And Sumo said...

eating out would be fun, i think chibi is ready, but sumo isnt quite where he should be in his manners training :p (i keep reminding myself, he's only 6 months)

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