Big dog inside a little dog's body

Loki thinks he's a big dog. He acts like he's a big dog. And the most amazing part is that he makes me to think that he's a big dog too! Shibas sure are good at mind-control. When I'm away from him for awhile (like vacation or a weekend trip), he can't play tricks on my mind. Every time when I return from a trip, I always think to myself, Loki looks so small. Is he really such a small dog? After being back in his presence, it doesn't take long before I start thinking that he's a big dog again.

Here's a picture of his big dog mentality.
Big queen-sized bed.
Little dog sound asleep.


Janet said...

it's funny you say this...I post a lot of pictures of my shiba, and when someone saw him in person they were SHOCKED at how small he was! They thought he was the size of a german shepherd LOL!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a shiba trait. My Boogie Woogie is just 19 lbs, but people who see her all the time are still amazed at how little she is when they meet her again.

Before we got her I was convinced she'd be bigger. I was so surprised when I met her parents. I'd seen loads of pictures, but they are so small in person!

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