Shiba Meetup: Hike at Great Falls

Our hike at Great Falls was a pretty good success. We had a total of 5 shibas.





And unfortunately, Jujube didn't get her own picture.

One interesting thing was that there was some sort of rescue or practice rescue operation being done at the time. So we got to see this helicopter come down very low into the gorge. Look! It made a rainbow with all the water it caused to splatter up.

All in all, it was a pretty good meetup.


Xarien said...

I believe "shibe" is spelled "sheba"

Anonymous said...

Look, Loki looks so regal and handsome. May be he'll grow up to be the dog like Cortez, huh?

Masako said...

wow... looks like a great time! we are so jealous....

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