Dribble, Dribble, Dribble

Loki hates peeing in our backyard. He much prefers to mark on walks. Why waste precious pee in the backyard when you can save it up to mark all over the neighborhood?

Unfortunately, we've gotten lazy and haven't been giving our dogs walks much, so often times we try to force him to pee in the backyard. How do you force a dog to pee? By not letting him back inside until he pees. But, you might ask, how does Loki know what you want him to do in order to get back inside? We say, "Loki, go pee pee!" This works brilliantly in rainy weather. He pees very quickly and we let him back inside quickly. But on sunny days, he just lounges outdoors without peeing.

This morning was sunny and I was anticipating losing our usual standoff.  As soon as I let him outdoors, he started barking at the people who live behind us. He was so focused on his barking that he couldn't hold his pee in anymore. So dribble, dribble, dribble. Even if it wasn't his intention to pee, he did; and so I let him back inside, where he barked some more.

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Prince Zuko's mom said...

Zuko is fussy about his pee spots too. He'll hold it 12-14 hours if we let him. He prefers to go to the park to pee, not our yard. So we play "demon dog" for a few minutes - this is where he jumps up on the bed, jumps off the bed, on, off and suddenly...he's gotta go RIGHT NOW. LOL!!

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