Why is Juju in the bathtub?

Recently, Juju has been hiding in the mornings. Where does she hide? In the bathtub.

Yun tells me that she goes there after I've left for work in the mornings and after he's gotten out of bed. Why does she go hide in the bathtub? Or is she trying to tell us that she needs a bath? Any ideas?


Cassaendra said...

When my cat was a kitten, he used to love sitting in the toilet. We thought he vanished because we didn't even think to look inside the toilet. He would peek out between the seat and the porcelain. Of course, after we found him, we put the lid down.

The cat sits in the bathtub sometimes to get away from Akemi, since Akemi can't get into (or out of) the bathtub. We keep the cat's food bowl in the tub for that reason.

blue said...

This reminds me of one of Ceasar's episode before he became somewhat controvercial in the dog loving community, which was about a very sweet golden retriever girl who hided herself in the bathroom everytime her male owner started to work in the garage. It turned out to be because she was bonded with his wife and she hated to see her husband working in the garage, so the dog picked up the negative energy from her female owner.

Okay, the next is nothing but my crappy speculation, so please do not take it too seriously and I really hope you are not going to be too offended.

Judging with what you have been writing here, it seems Juju was bonded with you more, and Loki is more bonded with Yun, please pardon me if I am wrong about it.
And because of the incident that Loki tormented her, probably she started to see the male vs. female thing going on at your household, you & Juju team and Yun & Loki team. Therefore she might feel she has to fend herself after you go to work in the morning. Especially when Yun wakes up, she feels she has to be against two males by herself as she sees Yun is something associated with Loki.
Also Juju might have picked up some negative energy from your frustration toward Loki, his biting behavior, and toward your husband Yun, his different point of view about dog training.

Again this is my pure speculation and I am not a dog behavior specialist. So please do not take it too seriously and I apologize if you are offended.
However, if the reality were anywere near this, I would say that raising a dog family is just hard as raising a human family.
But you are doing a great job especially as you are raising a human baby at the same time while you have your own career, wow!

I really appreciate you keep telling us the story about your Sibas despite of your obviouly super busy schedule.

jen said...

Tsuki 'hides' under the bed a lot. I just think its her safe space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

Does Juju shake or anything?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she just likes the cool, smooth surface and it's a small, enclosed space that seems comfortable to her?

If she's shaking or acting shifty showing other signs of anxiety, then I would be nervous.

Prince Zuko's mom said...

Has it been hot for you guys? If so, it could be a nice cool place to rest!

Colleen said...

Lately, I have been noticing paw prints in the bathtub when I get home from work. This is a new development and I'm wondering the same thing. Is it a "safe" place? Reptar (my shiba) hates the bathroom because that's where he is forced to get a bath as he has issues with the hose (my fault). Very interesting and peculiar.

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