All About Loki

Things I Love about Loki:
  • He makes the cutest, most unique sound ever when he yawns! It's like a sweet high-pitched "ahh."
  • He flaps his ears when he's excited! It's the funniest thing ever!
  • He walks backwards in the tiny space between the exercise pen and the wall.
  • Loud noises don't really phase him. He was pretty mellow when introduced to the vacuum cleaner. He can tolerate it when I use the hair dryer on him.
  • Yun loves it when Loki cocks his head to the side.
Loki's Yummy Food:
Loki's Favorite Treats:

Loki's Favorite Toys:
  • All of them!
Loki's Pet Peeves:
  • Having his hair brushed
  • Being on a leash (but he's getting better at it)
Loki's List of Tricks (in order of learning):
  • Come - This one means come get a treat!
  • Sit - One of the easiest tricks, because he sits around a lot anyways.
  • Circle - Useless, but amusing trick that Yun taught him.
  • Drop - This means open mouth and trade item in mouth for a treat.
  • Down - This is what Loki does after sit.
  • Pen - This means be locked up in pen in exchange for a treat or food.
  • Out - To Loki, this means go out, get a treat, and quickly come back inside so that Vi can say "out" again and then get yet another treat!
  • Stay - we're still working on this one...

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