Today began as a very typical morning. I woke up, took Loki out of his crate, fed him breakfast and then put him outside on the balcony so that he could poop/pee as usual. I sat at my laptop checking my email as he was outside. Then all of a sudden, I hear him scream! I wasn't sure if this was the infamous Shiba scream, but it was a pretty horrifying screech full of panic and terror. He hardly makes a peep when he's given shots! What could cause such a horrific scream?

I ran to open the balcony door and to see what happened.

Did he hurt himself?
Did he get a splinter?
Did he break a bone somehow?
He came inside, but was running in circles, chasing his tail. What?! Finally, I spotted it. There was a small clump of poop hanging off of his butt. After I removed it, he promptly resumed being his perfectly happy self.

Is a terrifying scream really necessary for a small clump of poop?

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Sarah said...

i just had to say-- Shiro has done the same exact thing...a few times. the first time we all tore off running to the backyard thinking something absolutely horrible was happening, because he was SCREAMING! high pitched top of his lungs screaming. And he had a little bit of poop stuck hanging out his but. once, this is so gross, we had to pick him up and try to use a paper towel to pull it out. ewwwww. and akira was freaked out too, when he heard him screaming, and ran to see. boy what a drama.

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