Another Sunday at the dog park!

I love the zoom on our new camera. It has a 12x optical zoom. I was able to capture some really nice portrait shots of Loki. He's really starting to look full grown, isn't he? He is exactly 5 months old today. He weighed in at 15 lbs three weeks ago at the vet and my best attempts to measure his height puts him at 13.5" tall at the withers. Shibas never cease to surprise me by how small they actually are.

Butt-sniffing! Like all dogs, Loki loves to sniff other dogs' butts, but he's a bit shy about letting others sniff him. However, every time he goes to the dog park, he gets a little bit better about it.

Loki is not in this picture, but I thought it was a really great action shot. These two dogs had a blast with each other, running around the entire park, and chasing the same stick. They even completely wiped out a boy in the middle of their crazy run.
Loki's making friends with a Maltese, which is a mere 6 lbs! The Maltese had such silky soft fur.

What a pretty play bow! Loki's making friends.

And here is Loki fighting it out with that same dog from last week, while the other dog acts as referee.


Ellie & Jasmine said...

Oooh cant wait to try this stuff out with my camera!

Piccola said...

Loki sure has grown up a lot.

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