Pet Sitter

Loki got to experience his very first pet sitter this week. I had to go away for business for a couple days, leaving Loki alone for at least 11 hours while Yun worked. We hired Heather of Pet Solutions Unlimited. She was the dog trainer for our 8 week puppy class this summer.

While I was away, I felt like a nervous mother leaving her child in the care of a babysitter. Would Loki behave? Would he be aggressive towards a someone coming into his home in our absence? Would Heather be able to deal with him?

Luckily, everything went pretty well. Heather was able to deal with Loki just fine, and she left us notes about their time together.
Day 1: Loki decided to play the "Catch me if you can" game with Heather. I'm sure that must have been lots of fun! She finally caught him by cutting up a bunch of treats and tossing them in his exercise pen. Then she was able to leash him up and take him out. Once outside, she reported that he listened and heeled very well.

Day 2: Determined not to play the "Catch me if you can" game again, Heather leashed Loki up while he was still in his exercise pen. Then they went for a run outdoors despite the rain.
Yay! I'm so glad that everything went well and that he was well-behaved on their walks. We'll be sure to hire Heather again if we ever need to.

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