Top 10 Places I found Loki hair

10.) To begin with, we have the obvious places - carpet, couch, bed, and car.

9.) All black colored clothes are notorious Loki hair magnets.

8.) In my laptop, especially in the keyboard.

7.) In my mouse. If you're ever wondering why your mouse isn't working properly, check for dog hair.

6.) In my bottle of water. Yummy!

5.) In my suitcase while traveling. This is exactly why I bought travel-size lint sheets by Scotch.

4.) In my bag of microwave popcorn. How did that happen? He didn't poke his head in or around it.

3.) On our clothes even after they are washed.

2.) In Loki's eye! It doesn't seem to bother him at all, but it did freak me out. I thought something was wrong, but it didn't phase him.

1.) In my tube of mascara. Imagine trying to put mascara on with a black coated dog hair poking your eyes out.

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