I was away from home last Thursday evening for work. Friday morning, I get a voice mail from Yun, telling me that if I got home before he did, I should take Loki out to poop and hopefully he will poop out aluminum.

Aluminum? What?! What kind of message is that? I left for only one night. One

I call to ask what happened.

Thursday night, they both went to bed at the same time; Loki taking over my spot on the bed. Friday morning, Yun wakes up and sees Loki sleeping innocently next to him. But as soon as Yun steps into the basement, he sees paper and aluminum foil shreds all over the place. Apparently, Yun left his half-eaten burger on top of a box, and it was within Loki’s reach. So it’s possible that Loki ingested aluminum.

Luckily, Loki is not displaying any symptoms of discomfort or other problems. Without seriously digging through his feces (because doesn’t that sounds like fun), I did notice some very, very small particles of what looks like aluminum. So, it seems to be passing through his system just fine, without any major problems.

And well, humans aren’t that smart, because just a couple days later, I made the exact same mistake. This time, it was quarter of a bagel wrapped in paper. Again, on top of a box. Our home is full of boxes, in various stages of being unpacked, no tables, and a kitchen that reeks of paint and turpentine.


Jenny said...

I can imagine pong doing that.. except she would leave the aluminum clean and shiny :)

Masako said...

Yikes! Glad to hear that Loki's alright...

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