Oh Crap!

I think it began on Sunday night. Loki pooped three times in one outing. He usually goes once or twice a day. Monday morning, he woke me up at 5:30am. Actually, that’s when my alarm normally goes off. But his intense staring was more powerful than the snooze button. No snooze for me. I dragged my feet out of bed and took him out in the freezing cold. He practically ran to the patch of grass up at the front of the townhouse community and immediately went once, then twice, and then a third time. Later that morning, Yun texted me, saying that Loki again pooped twice with him.

Is he sick? Does he have worms? Wait, we don’t even know if excessive pooping is a symptom of worms.

His poop had lots of nuts in it. I know that Yun’s mom had been giving him almonds as a treat. But she only gave him one or two. He’s pooping nuts left and right!

Every time, one of us took him out, he was pooping multiple times. And much to our chagrin, yesterday was the very first time that Loki has had a pooping accident in our house. (Well, technically, he did have one small poop accident on plastic in his exercise pen during his first week with us as a 9-week old. But we don’t count that one. Shh.) He had such an impressive record before. We loved boasting about how he’s never had a pooping accident. Now we can’t say that anymore.

Where in the world were all these nuts coming from? Again, we inquired with Yun’s mom, but she said she only gave him one of two. Finally, it dawned on me to ask if Loki’s getting access to nuts that he’s not supposed to. Yun’s mom didn’t think of it originally, but yes, that must be it! She brought something like 3 lbs of almonds with her. (Leave it to an Chinese mother to bring pounds and pounds of food while she visited over Thanksgiving, as if we were starving children.) And now that she thought of it, she did notice that her supply had suddenly dwindled. That solves the mystery of the excessive poop. Who knows how much he ate?

The morale of the story: Dogs cannot digest almonds.

Don’t try this at home. You’ll get lots of poop.


Jon said...

BOL! Poor Loki!
Janie had the same sort of incident. She got into her dry food and gorged herself. When she was finally done, she was burping for fifteen minutes! That night, she woke me up every hour or so to go to the bathroom. Not fun.

Monkey said...

Yeah.. I had to go a lot when I finished a big bone with pieces of ham and stuff on it... Hope Loki's better

~(( ilovepearly ))~ said...

Pearly grandma would give her peanuts, I try to keep her away from other nuts...heheh

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