The Cat

Our Christmas visit to my parents' home was the second time that Loki got to live with the cat. This time was much better than last time. They were able to co-habitate peacefully with human supervision. Yay! We were all very glad the two of them were able to lay calmly in the same room.

The cat still didn't like Loki much. He would hiss and meow when Loki came within a yard of him. But as long as there was some distance between the two, they were fine with each other. Loki was still curious about the cat, but we made sure that the cat had his personal space.

Also, as long as there was human supervision, Loki never ate the cat's food. Loki only tried once. After he was prevented from eating it that one time, he never tried again in our presence. But one morning, the humans who didn't sleep in went out shopping, and the human who did sleep in let Loki roam freely in the common area. Upon returning home, the cat food was gone. Bowl licked clean. Poor cat.

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(( K@Y )) said...

Pearly and I wish your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

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