Shiba Meetup

The shiba meetup today was a success! We had a great turnout, though I'm not exactly sure how many shibas we had in total.

We've got 7 shibas alone in this picture below.

Curly tail!

We even had one long-haired shiba, named Mortimer. I had never seen a long-haired shiba in person. He was beautiful. I loved the fluffy face and big fluffy tail.

I stayed for about 40 minutes, because it started raining. At least it was nice and cool. Not too hot for an August day.

Here's a video of them running around:


Anonymous said...

Definitely great photos and video! Thanks for sharing this! For some Facebook fun tied to a feel-good cause to help dogs, check out Save a Dog:

Janet said...

When I played the video, it woke my shiba up and he started barking LOL!

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