The problem with some visitors

Being social and having lots of visitors has been great for Loki. As I previously reported, he's now really wonderful and friendly with all our human guests. The dogs are great. They aren't the problem. Sometimes it's the visitors who are the problem.

This past weekend, we had a very upsetting incident, when one of our visitors left the front door open for too long and Jujube escaped. I was upstairs in the bedroom at the time. I looked out the window just to to see her bolt across the street and out of sight. We live in a townhouse community, so the street she crossed is residential and fairly safe. But there is only a short a brick wall that separates our townhouse community from a very busy street with a speed limit of 45 mph.

Jujube ran past the townhouse buildings across the street from us. To me, it felt like she was gone was forever. But I suppose in reality it must not have been that long, for by the time I got dressed and put my sneakers on, someone already had scooped her up and she was on her way back to us.

Needless to say, I was furious at this visitor's carelessness, and greatly upset by the whole incident. Dogs are simple. Humans on the other hand can be so difficult.


Jen said...

That would have made me so upset. No one F's with my dogs' safety and welfare and gets away with it!

Glad she got home safe.

The Shiba said...

We had a party when That Guy became an American citizen and someone had the audacity to give Cortez a bone from the chicken wings. Cortez immediately got it jammed between his teeth, and Ellh and I had to extract it in the middle of the party.

Everyone at the party shamed this fellow about giving a dog a chicken bone, and he retorted that he always gives his dogs chicken bones.

Needless to say, he has never been invited back.

Mika said...

I agree, sometimes I have more problems with human visitors than dogs. Sometimes it makes me tempted to print out a rule page and make the visitor read and sign that they understand the rules for the dogs.

Anonymous said...


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