Adventures in Uncrating

In the dead of the night during one of our early days with Jujube, sometime between last January and April, Loki and Jujube got into a fight. Both Yun and I were sound asleep when it happened. Since that incident, we kept both of them crated at night.

We put Loki in the wire crate and Jujube in the plastic one.

Now, because the two of them have been behaving pretty well (only one fight) since we hired our behaviorist in May, I figured that they have displayed sufficient good behavior to warrant trials in being uncrated at night.

Jujube always sleeps in our bed. Always. There's no keeping her off of the bed. She's very persistent. Even if you constantly tell her to get off, she'll sneak back on after you've gone to sleep. Loki, on the other hand, sleeps everywhere. Sometimes, he'll sleep in his crate:

Sometimes he'll sleep in Jujube's crate:

Sometimes he'll sleep on the bed:

Apparently he thinks all sleeping spots belong to him.

Most nights, Jujube sleeps in between Yun and me by our feet, and Loki picks one of the two crates to sleep in. Loki only sleeps in the bed if one of us humans isn't there to claim our spot. He doesn't join the crowd if there are two humans and a dog already on the bed.

In the past couple days, I have been sick, and spent most of my day in bed. Just me and two dogs: one on each side of me. This has given me greater insight into the world of my two dogs. If Jujube is on the bed first, then there are no issues with Loki getting in bed. However, if Loki is on the bed first, then he sometimes growls at her when she tries to jump on the bed. Ah, but like I said before, Juju is very persistent. She will not be deterred from getting in bed. What does our smart little lady do when Loki growls? She climbs into bed under the covers. Yes, she uses her muzzle and burrows her way onto the bed. Once she settles down, no one would ever know she was there. Amazingly, her technique works! Loki's not smart enough to figure out her sneaky antics.

Lastly, here's a picture of our peaceful pair:


Melissa said...

too cute =)

Jen said...

our female shiba growls when another dog is about to jump on the bed, I think its because our sometimes clumsy fosters tend to land ON her, which is never nice. Perhaps Juju has landed on Loki?

Cute pic :)

Anonymous said...

Nice comforter.

Vi said...

No, Juju doesn't land on Loki. He's just more territorial. He likes to guard space. He doesn't do it all the time though; it depends on his mood.

Mika said...

Juju is so smart! (I think you should get a video of Juju burrowing under the sheets, that would be too cute.) It's also so cute that Loki sleeps in either crate and doesn't care.

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