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Posted by Janie on the Shiba Dogster boards, here's a crazy and cute video.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy shiba (wait, I mean) akita.


Jenny said...

awww! He ran away as if he was about to get chased! hehe

Shibi-Shab said...

that is so funny! What sort of stupid fox tries to do that?????????? What if he got shot??????????? What a really lazy akita.

Priscilla said...

Very good video!

blue said...

We posted this to Shiba forum as well.

These are the original videos on YouTube.


http://www .youtube.com/watch?v=tcn5haJpKAQ

It seems that this Akita, Romi is the adopted mother of these two fox pups named Jashi & joshi.

And judging with this slides show and other videos, the story seems to be like this old french guy found two abandoned fox pups and raised them with his Akita and a Korean guy, and gave these two Korean names, Jashi & Joshi.
Then probably Joshi died or ran away, but Jashi grew up and they released her to the nature, or she just left.
However, Jashi has visited them a few times since then.
It is a sweet story.


If you like to see more about their Saga,
this YouTube channel has more videos about them.


Romi, Akita got new puppies her own


Vi said...

Tamtam & Maxi --
Thank you so much for sharing the whole story with us.

Mika said...

That's so funny and cute!

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