Jumping Up

A common problem dog owners have is that their dog jumps up on people. We trained Loki from a very early age not to jump up on anyone. There are many ways of training a dog not to jump up, but I'm going to share the method that we used.

Every time your dog jumps up on you, simply step forward into the dog. This will make the dog lose his balance and automatically put his paws back on the ground. Tell all your family members, friends, and visitors to step forward every time the dog jumps on on them. Your dog will learn that he accomplishes nothing by jumping up. You do not need to scold or verbally reprimand. Additionally, teach your dog what he is supposed to do instead. For instance, you can ask your dog to sit. After all four paws are on the ground, give the command to sit, and then offer attention and/or a treat. Consistency and patience are the key components in training. Don't expect an overnight change. Try it a couple weeks before you decide whether or not the method is working for you.


Jen said...

I think the positive based TV trainer either steps into them a bit or turns around when dogs jump at her.

Giving the dogs an alternative action really helped me. Making sure they had a solid 'sit', then asking for it when they were jumping up (and asking consistently) really seemed to work!

How are they doing with the baby? Do they jump up when you are holding her?

Vi said...

Haha... good question. I only said that we trained Loki not to jump up. So, no, Loki does not jump up when we hold our baby boy.

Jujube is another story. She sometimes jumps up, but that's our fault. We haven't really actively trained her. She does it seldomly enough that we don't find it necessary to put in the effort to train her otherwise.

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