Lupine Leashes

We got yet another replacement leash from Lupine the other day. I've lost count of how many replacement leashes I've received. Jujube chews on her leash as soon as we put the leash on her. It's like she's conditioned to chew.

Leash goes on => chew
Grrr, Juju! Luckily, Lupine has a fabulous lifetime guarantee against chewing. They have saved me so much money. All you have to do is pay for shipping your old leash back to Lupine. For me, this is less than $2. And in just a couple of weeks, you'll get your replacement in the mail.

So check out Lupine! They are great! And order from the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue so that the proceeds go to help some shibas.


Anonymous said...

We got our lupine from care a lot petstore and they actually replace the chewed idea without having to mail it in. So when Shadow chewed through his harness the same day we just brought it back and immediately exchanged it for a new one free, no shipping, no waiting.

Rozanne said...

I'm ordering my first lupine harness now. Foster Amber and I are on harness #4!

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