The pups get a dog walker

When I was first researching different dog breeds, that is, before we got Loki, I tried to find a breed that would be a good match for us. At the time, we lived in an apartment with a 25 lbs. limit on dogs. We didn’t have a yard, but we were able to commit to daily walks for exercise. Also, at the time, I was a graduate student with a flexible schedule. Back then, we did not have any other pets or children. We had all the time in the world to devote to a dog. A shiba seemed like a good choice.

Fast forward a few years. Now we live in a three-level townhouse with a small yard. A second dog and a baby are part of the mix. After a long maternity leave, I am now back to working full-time. We commute to work, my son goes to daycare, and in our daily scramble, the dogs are often neglected. What used to be long daily walks have now degenerated to short weekly walks.

Life happens. It constantly changes and always moves forward. And you know what? Our dogs have adapted to all of our life changes. Some changes were easier than others, but all in all, they adjusted very well. They adapt to their humans. Both Loki and Jujube adjusted to a more sedentary life with less attention when we added a baby to the mix. Neither dog displayed any behavioral problems. Dogs are much more resilient than we give them credit for.

Anyways, luckily for our two pups, we can afford a dog walker. Now that I’m back at work, that’s what they get!


Mongoose said...

I think the dogwalker is a great ideas. Dogs can adapt to many things but in my opinion, no walks shouldn't be one of them. My shiba lives for her walks... and to be honest, so do I.

Anonymous said...

My Cody goes to the dog park with a dogwalker everyday. I think she gives him the extra excercise that he needs, and makes me feel less guilty for leaving him home! It's an investment, but I think it's a great move. It also keeps him socialized, which is a big plus with Shibas!

jen said...

Awesome, I'm sure they'll enjoy it!

Walks aren't everything - I learned that in the winter. Sometimes a suburban ice storm takes you out of walking for a few days and you have to be creative. Our yard is a bonus, as are the toys we have that have us interacting with our dogs (flirt pole, etc).

I broke my ankle last year when my husband was doing loads of overtime and our dogs had to skip their AM walk and I relied on the yard and tug toys to keep them active and exerting energies. It worked.

While ours get twice daily walks, and weekend hikes, when we have to - we improvise and our dogs adjust. I agree.

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