Learning his name

Last night, we were talking to our baby as usual (he can't talk yet), and then all of a sudden it occurred to me that he seemed to respond to his name. I got super excited.

"I think he knows his name! Look he just turned his head to look at us."

So then, Yun says, "Oh! You have to do positive reinforcement!"

"Uh? You mean like when you train the dogs?"


So then we proceed to call out our baby's name and then heap on an extra dose of praise when he gave the slightest hint of responding to our calls.

He must be thinking, "What strange parents."


gina said...

You know what's funny? I work as a designer for a toy company. I noticed infant and baby toys were not that different from dog toys :p

Jenny said...

that's how we get our nephew to do cute things! 'OMG HE JUST ATE A BITE OF FOOD! YYAYAYAYAYAY!'

Mongoose said...

It's not strange. Behaviour modification works the same for all species. Even my tropical fishes learned to do "tricks" for food.

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