Washington Shiba Inu Meetup Group

The Washington Shiba Inu Group has moved from Meetup.com to Facebook. Why? Because Meetup.com charges a fee to the organizers and Facebook is free. Some Meetup groups charge its members a small fee to help cover the cost imposed by Meetup.com, but all the organizers of the shiba meetup have always kept membership free. Dogs should be free to sniff butts! So the Meetup fee becomes pretty burdensome for someone to constantly pay. Hence, the move to Facebook.

I haven't been to a shiba meetup in a long time (since baby arrived), but maybe we'll head out when spring rolls around.

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-thepaisleyfox said...

Yeah, we've been thinking of moving ours to Facebook as well. Especially because we can't seem to get anyone to friggin show up to any of our meetups anyway, it seems silly to be paying all of that money for no one to show up (even with their suggested activities).

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