Loki under the blanket

When Loki gets grumpy, Yun's solution is to play with him. Sometimes he'll take the dog blanket and throw it over Loki. Some dog experts use the time it takes a dog to get himself out from under a blanket as a measure of dog intelligence. I'm not sure if I buy that theory. What if the dog just doesn't care? Well, anyways, this works pretty effectively in getting Loki out of his funky moods.

Here's Loki looking sad that he's under the blanket.

One ear up and one ear down.

Let's play again! Yun throws the blanket on him with the other side up.

He's looking at YOU!


Anonymous said...

Loki has such a beautiful face! I love it when my shiba gets grumpy at me :) Her grumbles are so funny!

jen said...

Kitsu will just stay under the blanket because he could care less.

Shibas. Breakin' the mold.

Tokyo said...

So cute! I love to get under the blankets on the bed and when I stand up it's like a shiba-ghost is there -woof!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Poor Loki! =P

Mika said...

I think Mika can vouch for a shiba that doesn't care if he's covered with the blankets. lol Maybe I just do it to him too much and he's grown bored of it.
-Mika's mommy

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