Sharing a blanket

We had a most strange occurrence this evening. Our two dogs shared one doggy blanket. Don't let the picture fool you. It wasn't a peaceful sharing of the blanket.

Juju was there first and Loki then took it over and treated it like it was his. He growled and barked at Juju every time she moved. He did not want to share. And yet, she was there first. She was happy to share, but not with a growly dog. Juju might be a lovable dog, but she's not a pushover. She doesn't let Loki boss her around. She'll bark right back at him. And so, they got into a barking/growling matches. We had to break the tension by directing them to something else and getting them off the blanket.


jen said...

sometimes our Tsuki can get "minesy" about the couch with the other dogs. In fact, doing so got her bit this week (foster dog bit her).

Inus... whatcha gonna do.

cute pic, though!

Katie said...

My husband and I love reading your blog. We own a male shiba named Colden. I know you understand when I say we LOVE our dog. Colden and Loki look like brothers and we are so fascinated how feminine Jujube is!! We are definitely buying a female shiba as soon as we get a house :) Juju is so pretty, like I said, we just love how you know she's a girl by looking at her! Thanks for a great blog and for the many laughs you gave us! Keep those pictures coming!

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