Everything is Juju's fault

In the world according to Loki, everything is Juju’s fault.

The other day, I accidentally nicked Loki’s paw while closing the back door. I felt really bad and said sorry to him, but he didn’t hear and/or didn’t understand me. Instead he went after Juju. He ran towards her barking up a storm. I was afraid that they were going to get into a fight, even though it’s been well over a year and a half since their last fight. Luckily, they have decided that barking/growling matches sufficiently announce their displeasure and they don’t get physical.

Then last night, we were watching TV. Loki sat on floor on the left side of the couch, and Juju was on the right side. All of a sudden, Loki lunged and ran over to Juju while barking ferociously. He did this a couple more times before we realized that it was a particular ding of a bell on TV that set Loki off.

Yes, Loki. Apparently anything and everything that might be wrong in this world is Juju’s fault.

Every time Loki goes after Juju, she always stands her ground and barks/growls back. She doesn’t go after in him return, but she doesn’t back down. I imagine her saying “What’s your problem?” to him. Poor girl, she gets blamed for everything.


Kim said...

Aww! Poor Juju! I have a cat that gets pissed off easily and goes after our Shiba for anything that goes wrong for her. Luckily Kitsune's coat is so thick that she doesn't feel anything when my cat "attacks" her rump or side.

Anonymous said...

That's amusing, though definitely too bad for Juju!

Bowdu has similar antics... particularly as pertains to his personal space. For example, he'll jump on the couch or something, perhaps when Bowpi was there first. He plops down real close to her. And she'll gently leeeean in closer, barely even moving, but he'll get super huffy and growl at her and then flop off the bed, like it's HER fault he can't have the couch all to himself. Even though she was there first.

Susan said...

Well...at least Loki has a consistent belief system. Of sorts.

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