Baby and Loki

Baby and Loki seem to be developing a very good relationship.

Baby almost always feeds Loki some of what he's eating. And it's not just feeding in terms of throwing a mess of food on the ground. Baby will deliberately pick up some food and hand it over to Loki. Loki knows to sit on Baby's right side, as whoever is on that side gets more food. From time to time, Baby will also throw over some food on his left side to Juju. But whoever is on his right side gets most of the food.

In turn, Loki will let us know if Baby has a poopy diaper. How might you ask? Well, just take a look:

Still, despite the fact that I think Baby and Loki are going to have a great relationship, I'm still always cautious about the two of them together, due to Loki's history. I had my first scare the other day, when Loki barked at Baby. Loki was sitting underneath the dining room table, and I guess Baby was getting too close to Loki. Luckily, no one was hurt. It must have just been a warning bark. I'm very glad of that. Warnings are always good. A million times better than a bite. Loki has his particular triggers, and being underneath a table is one of them. When he's underneath the table, you leave him alone. (Or you can not leave him alone, but pair that with some yummy food.)

I'm hopeful that this can all work out. I do think that Baby and Loki will have a great relationship. Still, I can't ever let my guard down. I have to always be cautious. It's tiring -- this always being cautious thing. But it's worth it.


jen said...

ew. poopy diaper licking!

you guys are awesome parents and dog guardians. I love how much effort and consideration Baby and Loki get from you. I think all your hard work will certainly pay off in a positive, great relationship between Baby and Loki.

ting said...

Baby is so cute!

I agree with Jen. You're doing a great job with Loki and the baby and it will pay off!

Yoshi and Family said...

Baby is definitely a righty. Loki is smart to hang out on Baby's right-hand side. So cute. Juju is patient and probably doesn't want to mess with Loki in any attempts to take the right-hand side "spot". Very cute.

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