A day in the life of Loki

What is a day like for Loki? Everyday, he spends a few hours sitting on our balcony as a dutiful watch dog. We just let him out to pee there, but he takes his watch dog job very seriously. He patrols the maintenance men out there every morning, making sure that they are doing their job. He watches all passerbys very intently. He doesn't usually bark at anyone, but he does bark at dogs that are too excited, crows, and Yun.

When both of us are gone, we leave him in his exercise pen. Loki has his own ideas about the flooring of his pen. Obviously, bumpy and rolled up make it much more fun and interesting to chew. What were we thinking, trying to keep it flat?

Next, item of the day, is trying to paw at stuff on the other side of the bars. It doesn't matter what side he is on. If he's inside, he wants to paw at stuff outside the pen. If he's outside, he wants to paw at stuff inside the pen. The fact that the door is open hardly matters!

Lastly, no day is complete without wrestling with the towel by the balcony. I put it there to serve as a door mat when Loki comes in from the balcony area. But for Loki, it serves as a wonderful toy to pounce, attack, and kill.
Ah, the life of a puppy sure is fun.


Pearly said...

hehe...loki life is pretty relaxing.

Vi said...

Yep! The life of a dog truly is nice =)

Piccola said...

Now I wish I could be a puppy too ;-)
BTW, Loki is very cute!

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