Your dog looks like a...

Whenever we take Loki out for a walk, people always ask what breed he is. Oftentimes, we are asked,
Is that a ....
  • Husky... No, he's not a Husky. I've even had one person insist that Loki was a Husky. Uh... I think I know the breed of my own dog.
  • Chow-chow... Okay, uh, no offense to chow lovers, but really, Loki is SO much cuter than chows.
  • Akita... In my opinion, this is the most forgivable offense.
  • Shar-Pei.... (?) Yeah, I was confused by this one. At the time, I didn't know what a Shar-Pei looked like. Then I looked it up on Wikipedia. I'm pretty sure that the person who said Loki was a Shar-Pei must not have known what a Shar-Pei looked like either.
Other times, people say,
That looks like a
  • Fox... Very common comparison.
  • Cat... Yeah, we think he acts like a cat too.
  • Teddy-bear... Well, when Loki was younger, he definitely looked like a teddy-bear, but not so much anymore.
  • Wolf... I guess this must be true of all Spitz dogs.
  • Coyote... Uh... I don't see the resemblance, but sure. I mean they are similar to wolves, but coyotes are just plain ugly.

(All above photos were taken from Wikipedia without permission.)

Lastly, let me finish off the post with a couple new pictures of my growing pup.

What's a good caption for this last photo?


Pearly said...

lol... you know your pup best. I would say.. some people who don't have any or much idea of dog breeds, will be thinking whatever they want.

A&S said...

ah yes. we get "fox" a lot too. you are tagged for 7 things we don't know about Loki. See blog for details!

Acacia said...

This is SO TRUE! My husband and I have two shibas and everywhere we go, we get IS THAT A FOX?! (uh, no, it's not legal to have a fox as a pet, if I had one, I certainly wouldn't be walking it around on a leash). Another good one is "is that a pug?" Seriously. Do shibas look ANYTHING like pugs? It must be the tail or something, I have no idea.

Anyway, I just discovered your blog and I love it! It's amazing how quirky shibas can be, and weirdly enough, how so many shibas have the same quirks. My female makes the same sound Loki makes when he yawns to inform us that she wants attention or a walk. She also folds her ears back and forth when she's happy to see us! My male loves to dig in his dog bed, and also grab it and shake it around in his mouth like a toy.

Thanks for sharing your puppy experience with the world! I will check back again soon and hope for more cute videos and photos.

Anonymous said...

HEY what breed is the dog who looks like a husky?

Anonymous said...
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