Akira & Shiro tagged us!

Rules: List out 7 things that you never mention in your blog, then tag another 7 victims.

(1) Loki usually doesn't care for TV. But when Jordin Sparks was announced as the American Idol, Loki sat in front of the TV to listen to her sing for a few minutes.

(2) Loki is terrified of those large metal manhole covers. Well, I'm not sure what they are called. They aren't manholes, because they are not little and round. They are large and rectangular, often seen in cities. I was scared of them too when I was a child.

(3) Loki loves to lick us after we step out of the shower, never before.

(4) Loki recently changed food. He's now on Flint River Ranch, and loves that stuff. He gobbles it all up and is always looking for more.

(5) Loki lost his "fur dent" after he shed off his puppy fur and grew in adult fur. (Don't know what a "fur dent" is? See this post.)

(6) Loki's favorite toy is:

We only have one - the red and green one.

(7) Loki is snobby about treats. Sometimes when other puppy parents give him treats, he just turns his nose up at them and refuses to eat it.


Pearly said...

Hey, that toy looks cool, i seen many but yet to see one like that!

Vi said...

I bought it from dog.com.

Janet said...

Loki is smart to be afraid of those covers...sometimes they can be deadly to dogs!

hehehe my shiba turns up his nose to other treats sometimes, too. He likes his doggy crack biscuits, aka Innova HealthBars Wholesome Dog Treats!

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