Today was Loki's very first time walking around in a store. I took him to PetCo, since I needed to buy more treats and Nature's Miracle enzymatic cleaner. When he was a wee little pup, we did take him to PetSmart once, but we carried him in our arms. Today he got to walk around. He was very scared and hesitant to walk into the store, so I had to pick him up and bring him inside.

After he got over his initial fear, he had great fun. There was food everywhere!!! Too bad they were all packaged up. But a couple times, he found random dog biscuits on the floor! What a fun place! I let him sniff everything, but carefully watched to make sure he didn't pee on anything.


2shibas said...

Why didn't you let him pee? I do that at PetSmart whenever I can! Glad Loki had a good time!


Leo said...

Um.... (2shibas) please tell me your kidding about the pet store pee?!?!?

-Nike (my shiba) went to Petco last week i didn't like the other dogs in there becase they followed and barked at him one even peed on it's owner to get away and sniff us.
but i think he liked the attention the pretty lady gave us. =D

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