Tonight we put on a couple bandannas on Loki. It's not really a Halloween costume, but maybe we can say that he's a cowboy! Now, I don't usually like to write from a dog's point of view. But with these pictures, I couldn't resist! So here are the captions in Loki's words.

Grr!!! What IS this? Get it off! Get it off!

Help me!

Maybe if I close my eyes, it'll go away.

Ooh, did you say cheese?

Okay, I won't tug at the stupid bandanna if you give me cheese.
I'll even smile pretty for the camera.

High-five! Yay!
Okay, now give me my cheese!

P.S. What color do you think is better? Blue or red?


2shibas said...

We think you look extra studley in red!!!! You're so cute, Loki!

Frannie, Wiley & Fievel

Janet said...

HAHAHAH!!! The blue stands out more but I'm partial to the red :-)

Ellie & Jasmine said...

I like the blue!

Jen said...

I like red!!

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